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New Burton Exam Light
AIM 100 by Burton

AIM 100
Exam and Surgery Lights
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Prod. ID: burton-aim-100

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Providing both amazing value and unparalleled aesthetics, Burton's AIM-100(R) also boasts limitless rotation on ceiling mounts (a feature previously available only on O.R. type lights). Along with the highest intensity in its class, the AIM-100(R) provides very smooth focus. A longer arm system ensures that the AIM-100(R) can be positioned in the widest range of positions possible.
- High intensity of 14,800 fc (160,000 lux) at 24 and 5800 fc (63,000 lux) at 1 meter
- 3700(DEG) K color temperature offers natural and true coloring
- Uses three 35-watt quartz halogen bulbs - each rated with a 2,000-hour bulb life. Bulbs wired in parallel for continuous operation.
- Compact 20 (51 cm) diameter lighthead
- Extremely smooth focus mechanism withcenter sterilizable handle.
- 360(DEG) limitless arm and mounting system rotation around vertical axes (on single ceiling models)
- Cool operation for long hours of use
- High CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 97
- 120 volt standard; 100/240 volt models available
- 5-year limited warranty

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