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Refurbished Steris Amsco Examiner 10 Minor Procedure, ER Light
Examiner 10 by Steris Amsco

Examiner 10
Exam and ER Light
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Prod. ID: steris-amsco-examiner-10

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The Steris Amsco Examiner 10 Examination Lighting System, available in four configurations (ceiling mount, wall mount, track mount, or rolling stand), provides cool, color-corrected light for examination, treatment, and emergency areas. Smooth, exact positioning without drifting, accomplished by using positioning ring on the lighthead outer cover. The lighthead is mounted in a movable yoke attached by a swivel to a spring-balanced suspension arm assembly. The swivel allows the yoke to be maneuvered through a wide range of positions. The fixture can move freely throughout its range of aneuverability without drifting when positioned at any point. With the lighthead in the horizontal plane, it is possible to raise or lower the lighthead in a 28 (711 mm) vertical sweep. The color of the light beam is 4400(DEG) Kelvin. The beam intensity in a test field 42 (1067 mm) below the reflector rim is 3200 footcandles.

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